From the City of

Brotherly Love!

Besides Subs & Salads what else do you have?

We do not sell Pizza. We focus our specialty on CheeseSteaks, Subs, Salads, Wraps and Sides. 

Does OVEN BROTHERS sell Pizza?

Fresh enough to smell rolls baking in the OVEN throughout the day. All menu items are made to order they are ordered. 

We offer our signature french baguette for our sandwiches.  All rolls are baked fresh on premise in our OVEN! 

At OVEN BROTHERS, we offer Philadelphia inspired sandwiches served on rolls that are freshly baked in our OVEN.  We take pride in providing excellent customer service & making you feel appreciated for your business.

What style of rolls do you use?

How Fresh is Fresh?

We offer a great selection of Wraps, Appetizers, Soups, Beverages, Wings and Party Trays for all your Catering needs!