WRAP TRAY ​serves 10 to 12 people


Choose 3 of the following Wraps

italian, ham, turkey, tuna, veggie or chicken salad

wraps come with cheese, lettuce, tomato & seasoning. arranged on a tray with additional mayo, oil, raw onions, hot peppers & pickles on the side.

 CHEESE STEAK BOX serves 10 to 12 people


Choice of Beef or Chicken or both! Small portions of Steaks cut up and ready to serve in a convenient catering box. Aluminum pan insert is perfect for reheating in an oven or place in sterno. Fried onions, mayo, ketchup, pickles and hot peppers provided on the side.

HOAGIE Sub Tray serves 10 to 12 people


Choose from 3 of the following cold hoagie/subs

Italian, Sharp Italian, Turkey, Ham, Tuna, Veggie, Chicken Salad

All come with Cheese, lettuce, tomato, salt pepper and oregano and arranged on a tray.

 Mayo, oil,raw onions, hot peppers, pickles are served on the side.

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